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Wagyu (pronounced “wah-gyoo”) translates to “Japanese cattle”. It refers to several Japanese cattle breeds whose meat has intense marbling that helps deliver a wonderous flavour in comparison to conventional beef breeds.

With rigorous selection and breeding over centuries, full-blood 100% pure Wagyu cattle accumulate a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (SOMETHING ABOUT GOOD FATS) than typical beef. This gives the meat a characteristic tender, buttery texture that literally melts on your tongue, as well as an incredible depth of complex umami flavour notes.

The intricate marbling literally bastes each fibre during cooking so Wagyu beef remains lusciously moist from the first to final bite. No other beef can attain this level of flavour and texture.

Undoubtedly there’s beef, and then there’s Wagyu beef. It’s a unique specialty beef in a class of its own.

Full-blood 100% Wagyu beef vs Cross-breed Wagyu beef ​

To be classified as authentic full-blood Wagyu, cattle must be 100% genetically traceable to breeding stock exported from Japan. Crossbred “Wagyu-influenced” cattle result from mating Wagyu bulls (or occasionally cows) with more conventional beef breeds.

As these cross-breed offspring only inherit 50% of the high-marbling Wagyu genes, they generally don’t achieve the same degree of fine-grained intramuscular fat evenly saturating the meat. However cross-breed Wagyu beef will still demonstrate increased marbling over typical commercial beef and as such are classified as either:

  • F1 with 50% Wagyu DNA
  • F2 with 75% Wagyu DNA

Grading and Marbling

Beef of all kinds is assessed for quality attributes like marbling, texture, colour, firmness.

Wagyu beef is held to particularly strict grading protocols originating in Japan. Officially certified Japanese Wagyu is scored on a scale from A1 to A5, with A5 being the pinnacle reserved for perfect specimens displaying extensive fine marbling, ivory colour, and velvety sheen.

Wagyu beef can also be benchmarked using the Beef Marbling Score (BMS) system, which measures specific ratios of white intramuscular fat deposits by area. The Beef Marbling Scores scale ranges from 1 to 12 to indicate “devoid” or “practically devoid” up to “abundant” and “very abundant”.

To qualify as A5 ranking, Wagyu carcasses must achieve a BMS score from 8 to 12 on the 12-point scale.

More than just steaks

In addition to the incredible cuts of luxuriously marbled Wagyu steaks, Black Apple also offer an array of specialty Wagyu beef products:

Succulent Wagyu short ribs that slowly braise into fall-off-the-bone perfection while creating the most unctuous built-in sauce ideal for sopping up with crusty bread.

Rich, smoky Wagyu brisket sliced paper thin melts across your tongue with profound flavor saturating every blissful bite.

Our premium ground Wagyu beef makes for the juiciest, most insanely delicious burgers imaginable.

We even craft premium pet food and treats made from Wagyu beef offcuts.

And the highly prized Wagyu tallow rendered from trimmings provides the ultimate cooking fat brimming with subtle meaty essence and vitally nutrients.

So we find a purpose for every last scrap of these extraordinary animals.


Black Apple focuses mainly on supplying full-blood 100% Wagyu beef from our own farms and pastures in the UK, together with fresh (never frozen) Wagyu from partner farms who help us keep up with demand. Our full-blood 100% Wagyu beef generally achieves marbling scores of over XX and hence is graded as XXX

We also supply a small amount of carefully selected F1 cross-breed Wagyu beef, ensuring that the marbling scores for that beef are greater than XXXX.

We’re breeders and farmers, not simply traders

Jerry Pridham and Mark Lant, the founders and owners of Black Apple, are long-time friends and are both cattle breeders and farmers. They are in the field almost every day and they are intimately involved with the breeding of the cattle and oversee every element of the Black Apple business.

No faceless traders, buying and selling on the phone, Black Apple is undoubtedly a leader and a serious business ready to be your supplier of choice. But it’s  also the antithesis of a big corporate machine and Jerry and Mark as passionate about keeping that way.

This daily founder involvement and intimate knowledge of cattle is the foundation that underpins Black Apple. It sets the benchmark and makes sure that the Black Apple business maintains it’s terrifically high standards and reputation.